Senior Living & Rehab Service

Specialized Clinical Solutions

Providing critical DME solutions for Fall Prevention, Pressure Reduction, Safe Patient Handling and Bariatric Care.
Focused on solutions not products!

  • Free patient assessments to determine the right fit and function.
  • Free clinical trials prior to making a purchase decision.
  • Free Inservice training to your clinical staff to ensure the product is being used safely and effectively.
  • Flexible payment options including sales, rentals, and rent to own plans.
  • We service what we sell. Don’t be left high and dry by an online or catalog supplier who cannot provide product support after the sale.


Carlisle Medical provides Medical Equipment to assist our patients with a safer and better quality of life:

Patient Safety Solutions

Floorbed1 lowers to 2.8 inches from the floor, turning a fall into a roll keeping your residents safe. High quality patient transfer system that provides an efficient method to safely move patients, preventing patient and caregiver injuries.


Seating Solutions/Mobility

Wheelchairs that provide profound comfort during everyday use with a design that promotes safety,
pressure relief and correct posture.


Coverage Map

Coverage Map


If you are in need of customer service for an injured worker, please dial 1.800.553.1783. To learn more about how Carlisle Medical can tailor a specific program for your injured workers please call us at 866.936.9840.