Case Management Prescription Review

The Power Behind Expert Review

Carlisle Medical Prescription Drug Review

A comprehensive clinical review regarding an injured worker’s medication usage completed by a licensed Carlisle pharmacist. The Case Management Prescription Review includes:

  • Generic alternatives when brand name medications are prescribed
  • Evaluation for possible duplication of drug therapy
  • Recommendations for improvements of drug therapy for physician consideration
  • Evaluation for determining appropriateness of drug therapy in relation to worker’s injury
  • An option for a consultation with the treating physician by a Carlisle case manager to review recommendations

If you are in need of customer service for an injured worker, please dial 1.800.553.1783. To learn more about how Carlisle Medical can tailor a specific program for your injured workers please call us at 866.936.9840.

Prescription medications make up approximately 14% of the total medical cost for a claimant. As the claim ages, this percentage can increase to 40%.