Case Management

Provides cost-effective methods to facilitate an injured worker’s timely return to gainful employment.

Carlisle Medical Case Management

Carlisle Medical’s experienced case managers excel at coordinating effective communications to ensure compliance with appropriate treatment protocols. We provide cost-effective methods to facilitate an injured worker’s timely return to gainful employment.

Our Nurse Case Managers are complemented by our clinical team which includes our Medical Director, Registered Pharmacists and Orthopedic Nurse. Our specialists partner with our nurses in evaluating medication issues with special attention to opioid addiction and related concerns. Assistance is also provided in evaluating medical equipment and supply solutions. With our Team approach, we can provide the best possible services for the Insured and the Injured Worker.

Case Management Services:

  • Catastrophic Management
  • Task Assignments
  • Pharmacy Consultations
  • Legal Nurse Consulting

Carlisle Medical suggests the following guidelines be considered when referring for case management services:

  • Loss time
  • Excessive treatment without significant improvement
  • Multiple physicians
  • Surgery
  • Catastrophic injuries (amputations, burns, head injury, spinal cord injury)

Carlisle Medical’s case managers are board certified registered nurses.

Case Management Options

On-Site Nurse Case Manager – Field Case Manager (FCM)

FCM may be required for more complicated cases such as:

  • Catastrophic
  • Cases requiring surgery
  • Multiple claims
  • Suspicious injury
  • Injured worker being noncompliant
  • Obtaining a second opinion
  • Home assessments
  • Telephonic Case Management 


  • Immediate contact with the injured worker
  • Coordination of care
  • Task assignments
  • Timely communication between all parties
  • Establish goals in order to reach MMI

If you are in need of customer service for an injured worker, please dial 1.800.553.1783. To learn more about how Carlisle Medical can tailor a specific program for your injured workers please call us at 866.936.9840.