Telephonic Case Management

Telephonic Case Management (TCM) removes geographical restrictions and offers the flexibility of nationwide outreach.

Carlisle Medical Telephonic Case Management

Telephonic Case Management (TCM) provides benefits relative to cost-effective early intervention, removal of geographic restrictions, and reduced travel and wait time costs.

Benefits of Telephonic Case Manager (TCM):

  • Allows a nurse to efficiently manage multiple files for injured workers from any location in the United States.
  • Better coordination of care with immediate contact with the injured worker.
  • Can reduce costs compared to traditional Field Case Management (FCM) by eliminating expenses associated with travel, appointments, and wait time.
  • The cost savings associated with this service is substantial and can be performed while meeting the objectives established on the file.

The telephonic case manager can assist with the following tasks:

  • Early Intervention
  • Immediate contact with the injured worker to obtain medical history and current status
  • Contact employer to obtain:
    • A description of how the injury occurred
    • Employee’s regular job duties
    • Written job description
    • Ability of employer to accommodate light/modified duty
  • Contact physician(s) to obtain course of treatment
  • Coordinate all medical treatment (see below):
    • Coordinate any physical therapy/ancillary services/diagnostic studies, along with transportation/translation services when required
    • Coordinate Independent Medical Evaluations
    • Contact the adjuster to make them aware of treatment, provide an estimated time of disability, according to Official Disability Guidelines (ODG)
    • Provide timely updates to all parties
    • Can coordinate task assignments for a FCM, when required
    • Clinical prescription reviews

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