Protekt 7000 Lateral Rotation/Low Air Loss/Alternating


The Protekt 7000 combines lateral rotation, low air loss, alternating pressure and pulsation in one mattress system.

TrueCare Alternating Technology enhances patient confrot by re-inflating the first set of alternating cells before the second set of cells start to deflate and alternate.

Available in Standard size, 36” x 80” x 8”
Available in Bariatric size, 42” X 80” x 8”

User Benefits

  • Independent low Air loss effectively reduces the moisture and skin heat on the support surface by periodically providing a high volume of air loss relief.
  • Pulsate mode with adjustable cycle time provides a periodic pressure changing static surface.
  • Constant low pressure mode puts the mattress in a low pressure static surface for patients who cannot tolerate a dynamic surface but still require a pressure redistribution surface.
  • Auto-lockout ensures patient safety by locking the panel to prevent accidental setting changes.
  • Caregiver Benefits

  • Lateral rotation offers three turning modes with adjustable angles and turning cycle times from 10-95 minutes-Left turn, Right turn and Full turn.
  • Nylon quilted top cover is fluid resistant, breathable, vapor permeable and fire retardant.
  • Selectable 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 minute alternating cycle times with LED display and static mode for easy patient transfer.
  • Auto-firm mode provides quick set up and ease of getting in and out of bed
  • Two-stage fowler detector automatically stops turning at 20 degrees and increases the pressure output at 45 degrees to prevent “bottoming out.”
  • Details
    Size of Mattress

    36”X80”X8” also available in 42”X80”X8”

    Weight Capacity

    660 lbs.


    Two Year Warranty

    Air Flow Per Minute

    18 LPM

    Alternating Time(s)

    10-30 minutes

    Pump Style



    Low Air Loss, Alternating Pressure, Pulsation, Lateral Rotation

    Top Cover

    Nylon Quilted, Fluid Resistant, Fire Retardant

    Auto Lockout

    Panel locks to ensure safety and prevent accidental setting changes

    Brochure Protekt-Aire-7000-Product-Sheet.pdf