Pharmacy Utilization Management

Controlling Costs, Improving Care

Carlisle Medical has over 38 years of Making a Difference in the workers’ compensation industry. This means quality, timely and efficient results for our clients. Our business saves companies both time and cost, while providing peace of mind to the injured worker.

Through the utilization of our programs, Carlisle Medical not only controls costs for clients, but also monitors every step of the workers’ compensation process for those clients. We will set up a formulary to meet company-specific needs, which can ultimately restrict injured workers from obtaining medications unrelated to a workers’ compensation injury or condition. To deliver the utmost in customer care and service, we enforce generic substitution, negotiate cost-effective contracts, and monitor early and/or duplication of medication and supplies in addition to supervising:

  • Authorized Physician Usage – Our programs ensure that workers receive prescriptions and medications prescribed by each individual’s authorized physician only
  • Excessive Dosage Control – Our pharmacists consistently review medication dosages for injured workers and will notify the adjuster if an individual is receiving more than his or her allotted amount
  • Injury Related Care – Carlisle Medical checks all medications against claims to ensure prescriptions are injury related

Carlisle Medical will partner with you to custom design a workers’ compensation plan that will utilize our benefits to your company’s maximum potential. Contact a representative at 800.553.1783 to learn more.