Configura WheelChair By Accora

Configira Advance was developd to help residents with postrual requirements be comfortable, stay social and engaged for longer.



  • Adjustable seat height, depth and width
  • Adjustable footplate height
  • Adjustable footplate angle
  • Legrest elevation
  • Tilt-in-space of 0-37 degrees
  • Change the cushion inside the seat

User Benefits

  • Backrest recline for users with reduced range of movement at the hip
  • Seat height adjustment for users carrying out a stand aid transfer
  • The ability to use a footplate and a legrest extension together for users who need their legs extended and who are at risk of foot drop
  • Bodymove technology reduces shear recline, helps maximize pelvic stability and can help prevent tissue damage
  • Caregiver Benefits

  • Gives the caregiver control over positioning a resident
  • Easy to adjust
  • Can easily position during mealtimes or redistributing pressure to help prevent pressure sores
  • Chair arms move with the chair
  • Tilt-in-space range of 0-37 degrees
  • Details
    Tilt Angle

    0-37 degrees

    Recline Angle

    Up to 130 degrees

    Weight Capacity

    352 pounds


    Multi-adjust capability

    Seat Widths

    18-22 in

    Seat Depths

    18-22 in

    Back Heights

    Upright 52 in

    Seat Surface Heights

    24 in


    Effortless maneuverability added by directional castors

    Brochure Configura-Brochure.pdf