Meet a Member of Our Nurse Case Management Team

Released: 03/01/2024  

Vicki Presley has twenty-four years of nursing experience and received her nursing degree from the University of Mississippi. She has worked as a Nurse Case Manager for eighteen years in the workers’ compensation industry, including serving in a supervisory role. She has been responsible for implementing approved, cost-effective rehabilitation plans to achieve optimal recovery from injuries and/or illnesses. Vicki has experience in assisting injured workers in their return to work by designing and setting appropriate goals determined by the individual worker’s needs.

Work history includes: Utilization Reviews, Holistic Care, Acute Care, Designing Cost-Effective Rehabilitation Plans.

Our synergistic approach to Case Management is to team our Case Managers with our Clinical Director, Registered Pharmacists, and Orthopedic Nurses. Working together on each file, this team of experts can tackle any issues, including opioid addictions, medication issues, and other related matters. Additionally, medical supply and equipment solutions are provided. We are confident that our comprehensive approach will provide the best outcomes for the Insured and the Injured Worker.

Carlisle’s mission is to save time and cost while providing injured workers with the highest quality products and services. We are convinced our Services will make an immediate and lasting difference for those we serve.