Increase Security and Convenience with Carlisle Connect via SSO

Increase Security and Convenience with Carlisle Connect via SSO
Released: 08/09/2022  

Carlisle’s portal, Carlisle Connect, supports Single Sign On (SSO) feature for our clients, to further increase data security as well as convenience for end-users.


  • Increases security.
  • Saves time for both admins and end-users, as it eliminates any user credential management and allows you to create a more customized SSO workflow.
  • Supports SAML authentication provider. Others are available upon request.
  • Fully customize the look, feel, and functionality to your organization’s specific needs.
  • Create links that use your internal SSO logic to Carlisle Connect.

SSO increases security. SSO users only have to memorize a single password, which allows them to have a very complex and secure password. This decreases the risk of an account being compromised by hackers or phishing. Almost every business today works with dozens of digital applications, usually on a daily basis. Unfortunately, asking employees to maintain their own passwords to every application they must use presents inefficiencies as well as security risks. Whether it’s stale, unchanging credentials or passwords that are used and re-used for every application, employee-managed accounts can be an IT nightmare.

Luckily, Single Sign On (SSO) solutions solve the problem. These allow for network administrators to control credentials on the back-end and give employees a single password from which to log into every application via a central user interface.

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