Introducing Carlisle Live Chat

Released: 04/24/2022  

As a reminder, Carlisle Medical supports LIVE CHAT via our Connect Web Portal. This is another great tool that our clients have been using to communicate with our Team. Carlisle Medical wants to make sure the Technology available is at your fingertips when you need it.

Our Chat product interfaces with the Connect Web Portal dynamically. As you change pages, it notifies the CSR and provides key elements that we can use to quickly provide feedback and assistance to complete the tasks you need done.

Give us a try and experience the wonderful method of Carlisle Live Chat! CONTACT US

“After just completing training on the new portal the prior week we were excited to see our customer’s super-positive experience using the Chat function to swiftly & efficiently address her claimant’s pharmacy need. The adjuster says, “Bing-bang-boom my client had his meds taken care of. Love the new portal!!!”

~ Adjuster Testimonial