Getting Your Injured Energy Industry Worker Back To Where They Need To Be

Released: 06/01/2021  

Case Management: We believe in convenient, efficient, and cost-effective case management for injured workers so they can get back to work, and life, faster.

Carlisle was given a 6-month trial opportunity to provide Early Intervention services for an energy company servicing Iowa, Illinois, South Dakota, and Nebraska. During this time, we provided Early Intervention services for all new claims requiring medical treatment.

Once the trial period was over, we received feedback from a Senior Worker’s Compensation Administrator. This testimonial is shown below in italics.

Early Intervention allows for a quicker and safer return to work with oversight and assessment. On average, referrals for case management were only open for 6 weeks, saving time and money, while providing better service to the injured worker.

“Our 6-month trial is completed. The positive feedback that I have received from my claimants, combined with the outstanding service I have seen from Carlisle, has led me to request a standing order from my management team. They are to assign telephonic case management to all claimants in the Quad City area.

This is a very big deal. We previously we had a standing policy to only bring on case managers if there were multiple body parts, legal representation and very complex issues with a claim. In fact, prior to the last 6 months, I have been permitted to assign very few, possibly less than 10, claims to a nurse case manager in my four years as Sr. Administrator. Needless to say, this trial basis was something that I was rooting for in order to introduce change and show that there is a better way to handle claims at my company to my superiors.” ~ Client Testimonial

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