Our December Excellence In Caring Featured Winner Is Donovan

December Excellence In Caring Featured Winner, Donovan
Released: 12/16/2019  

We recently received an email from a client spotlighting Donovan’s diligence and excellent communication. The email read,

I had to send a note to you regarding Donovan and his excellent customer service on one of my files. The need was for a C-PAP machine and he has been working on this faithfully and diligently for several weeks. Thanks to him, the injured worker will get his machine next week. Donovan spent a lot of time speaking with numerous folks to get this order taken care of. He has kept each one of us informed throughout the entire process. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with him and he is a definite asset to Carlisle Medical.
It is wonderful to see Donovan’s above and beyond actions recognized by this client. Donovan works each day with a sincere heart to help our clients.