Our November Excellence In Caring Featured Winner Is Debbie

Excellence In Caring Featured Winner Is Debbie
Released: 11/14/2019  

Debbie is being nominated based on a compliment from one of our customers speaking to the phenomenal work she’s doing with our Case Management Prescription Reviews. Our customers are realizing large savings in part because of her. She has the ability to speak knowledgeably with providers and present our findings with honesty and integrity.

Debbie believes in the work she’s doing and what we do as a company. After working with one of our clients on prescription reviews, the client stated, “…we have saved $1.2 million in four months moving Rx to Carlisle and doing Rx Reviews. That’s not projected costs either. That’s real money…”

Who could state it better than that? Deb does a tremendous job and we’re glad she’s on our team!