We were proud to nominate Chris for the Customer Care Award

Released: 12/17/2018   By: Jeff

We were proud to nominate Chris for the Customer Care Award following this email we received from a client.

“I wanted to take a minute to tell you what an asset you have in Chris. He has worked on one case for me where he has put almost as much time in as I have as the adjuster. He has dealt with the injured worker and me in a very professional manner and has done his level best to address issues regarding a custom brace that for some reason is not working out quite right for the injured worker. Chris and I concurred a field nurse may be helpful in getting these issues resolved. I really appreciated his input and his assignment of the nurse once I provided approval.”

Chris’ excellent customer service only added to this adjuster’s confidence in Carlisle Medical’s commitment to our mission to save clients time and money while providing injured workers with the highest quality products and services.

The adjuster summed up her sentiment with the following: “Donnie – you know I will forever and always have a soft spot for Carlisle Medical…and having people on your staff like Chris just supports my devotion and why I never hesitate to recommend Carlisle to other carriers.”

Chris’ actions in this case serve as a shining example of what Carlisle Medical is all about!