Excellence in Caring: Phil

Released: 06/29/2018  

Excellence in Caring for Customer Care, Nominated by: Natasha

Recently, Phil received a compliment from an injured worker. The injured worker did not go into details about what Phil had done for him, but he wanted to ensure that he was recognized for a job well done. Oftentimes, someone will notify you of something gone wrong, but for an injured worker to take time out to ensure his satisfaction with the service received was noted, speaks volumes.

I am not surprised by the words shared by the injured worker, as Phil goes out of his way to always provide the best customer service he possibly can. The following compliment was received by an employee and forwarded to me.

The injured worker called to inform us that Phil is an “A-Okay Guy!” He said he would like for Mr. Carlisle to know how lucky he is to have Phil on his team. He also said Phil is always very helpful whenever he is needed and he always has such a positive attitude. He said this kind of customer service deserves recognition. He also said we all do a great job, but Phil stands out above the rest.

I let him know that Phil makes all of our day and we are very proud to have Phil. I love receiving phone calls like this!

We should all strive to provide the type of great service that causes our injured workers and clients to want to share their experiences.

Keep up the great work Phil!