New Jersey Requires State Reporting for Gabapentin

Released: 05/07/2018   By: Heidi Dufrene, PharmD

New Jersey has joined several other states requiring the reporting of Gabapentin to state Prescription Monitoring Programs (PMPs). Gabapentin is a widely-prescribed medication often used to treat seizures and neuropathic pain. Many states have labeled Gabapentin as a “drug of concern” due to statistics from national prescription and overdose data.

The abuse of Gabapentin is highest among opioid abusers, due to the combination of Gabapentin and an opioid will lead to an enhanced high. According to the state, the use of Gabapentin has increased substantially over the last several years in New Jersey and nationwide. Currently, Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Massachusetts and Minnesota require reporting of Gabapentin to state prescription databases.

Carlisle Medical is prepared to report this information to the New Jersey PMP as required by this updated ruling.