2018 AWCO Spring Conference

Released: 05/10/2018  

Carlisle Medical will be attending the 2018 AWCO Spring Conference on May 10 – 11, 2018 at the Sheraton Hotel in Birmingham, AL. Account Executive Tami Bell-Dembski will be in attendance.

The mission of the Alabama Workers’ Compensation Organization (AWCO) involves a variety of objectives. Those objectives include maintaining the honor and dignity of the profession of Alabama workers’ compensation personnel.

The Alabama Workers’ Compensation Organization has members comprised of the following: employees of insurance companies, adjusting companies, third-party administrators, self-insured employers, members of the Alabama State Bar, the Alabama Medical Association, persons engaged in vocational rehabilitation, investigative-type services, and/or industry vendors of other descriptions. All members shall be entitled to vote on any matter submitted to a vote of the members.