North Carolina Adopts Opioid Utilization Rules

Released: 04/27/2018  

The North Carolina Industrial Commission has adopted new rules for the utilization of opioids, related prescriptions and pain management treatment in workers’ compensation claims. The new rules go into effect May 1, 2018.

Included in the rules are provisions for the first prescription of medication for pain in an acute phase, the prescription of medication for pain in an acute phase following the first prescription and the prescription of medication for pain in a chronic phase. The new rules provide for the co-prescription of an opioid antagonist when certain conditions are met. The new rules also state a health care provider shall consider and may prescribe non-pharmacological treatments for pain. The utilization rules also provide for treatment for substance use disorder.

Carlisle Medical has prepared for these rules to ensure that only authorized medications are processed through our systems. The Carlisle Medical clinical nurse/pharmacy team is overseeing the change and is available for questions and assistance.