Excellence in Caring: Julie

Released: 04/30/2018  

Excellence in Caring for Customer Care, Nominated By: Denise.

Julie’s promptness and warm customer service has been recognized on several occasions. I distribute the referrals to the Durable Medical Equipment representatives as they are received each day. Every time I email an urgent referral to Julie, she responds promptly and ensures all parties involved have the most recent detailed information. Below is a recent example.

Julie received an urgent request for hearing aids on August 15th, 2017, from the Adjuster and Account Executive. I forwarded the request at 2:59 pm and received her response within 30 minutes. From the time Julie received the referral to the time the claimant received the hearing aids, Julie made sure both the Account Executive and the Adjuster remained informed each time the status changed.

Julie puts her heart into all she does. Her hard work and dedication to the team is highly appreciated and does not go unnoticed.

Thank you, Julie, for all you do! You make a great impact on the team.