Excellence in Caring: Erin

Released: 03/13/2018  

Excellence in Caring for Customer Care, Nominated By: Louise.

On 11/28/17, Erin shared a “Thank You” card from a claimant’s mother that she had received in the mail at work. She was helping her 22-year old son during his rehabilitation/post-injury period and Erin was his Case Manager for five months. The claimant’s mother and Erin saw and spoke with each other a lot during this time and developed a bond.

Erin did a great job at delivering her depth of knowledge in a caring manner. She guided the family through each step of the claim process—from the ICU at the hospital to a full duty release just months later. In her letter, the mother wrote “I would have been lost without your help.”

In my opinion, Erin’s actions underline Carlisle’s mission. Erin expedited the claimant’s return to work, while also providing him with the care he needed to get there.