Excellence in Caring: Sandy

Released: 02/14/2018  

Excellence in Caring for Customer Care, nominated by: Louise.

I am nominating Sandy for providing outstanding customer service as evidenced by the following:

Sandy had a case management file for a claimant with a complicated medical history. The adjuster was new to the file and informed Sandy she was trying to “catch up” on treatment and get her bearings on what to do next.

In response to this, Sandy took it upon herself to make the adjuster a timeline of treatment for the previous year. Thereby allowing the adjuster to easily review a year’s worth of activity without having to go through every record herself. Sandy broke it down with dates/physicians/treatment and outcomes in an easy to read format.

The adjuster’s response was: “You Are AWESOME!”

The adjuster quickly learned that she could trust Sandy to provide her with accurate information necessary to move the claim forward.

Sandy’s caring underlines the Carlisle mission. Thank you, Sandy, for caring for our customers!