Excellence in Caring: Jackie

Released: 11/15/2017   By: Heidi

Recently a medication was on backorder from the manufacturer and a claimant required an order set to go out. Once Jackie was aware that we did not have the medication in stock and could not order from the wholesaler, she immediately asked the pharmacist if we could obtain the medication from another source. In the meantime, she contacted the claimant to notify them of the situation and the delay in receiving their medication. She also contacted the physician to make them aware and to ask if they would change to a medication that was currently available.

Through her quick actions, we were able to locate the medication through our system and have the physician approve a change for the future in case the shortage continues for future fills. This enabled the claimant to be kept up to date about their shipment and will prevent any delay in their next order as well. It is this kind of customer service that shows how Carlisle’s Home Delivery Pharmacy cares about our claimants and how employees like Jackie make a huge difference every day!

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