Excellence in Caring: Lauren

Released: 07/12/2017   By: Kelly

Lauren has been with the Retail Department at Carlisle Medical for nearly eight months. She demonstrates an honorable desire to quickly and effectively help each customer she is in contact with.

Lauren has been placed on a new project that requires her to make over 150 phone calls to our customers on a daily basis. Each day, I observe Lauren as she makes the call, helps claimant get medications or needed equipment, as well as input first reports of injury and answer inbound phone calls. To some this would be a lot, but to Lauren, multi-tasking comes natural.
On one particularly busy Monday, Lauren made a phone call to a customer to see if they needed any medications or equipment for his workers’ comp injury. The customer was in need of medications and equipment. As busy as the day was, Lauren took her time to listen to the customer’s concerns. She not only assisted the customer with filling his pending medications at the pharmacy, she also assisted him with his DME needs.
Even though Lauren is very busy trying to complete her task each day, she remembers that the customer is important and takes time to listen to them. Listening to the customer helps build lasting relationships that can benefit the entire company. Keep up the awesome work Lauren!

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