Excellence in Caring: Whitney

Released: 05/24/2017  

Whitney is a very important part of our Retail Department.

Whitney is the Retail Department trainer and has done an exceptional job. She works closely with Brandy and between the two Retail reaps the benefits.

Whitney is a great multi-tasker. She always has several projects going on at the same time. Although she may be busy with other tasks, she takes the time and patience to work with and answer questions from Retail associates. Many times she will be knee deep in one of her projects or preparing a schedule for a new associate, and will be interrupted with questions. Without missing a beat she answers their questions and continues on as if she were not interrupted. We could not ask for a more dedicated associate.

Whitney has been Caught in the Act. To find out more information about the Excellence in Caring Award program or how to nominate an employee, please follow the link below:

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