Excellence in Caring Award: Stephanie O’Hara

Released: 11/15/2016   By: Melody Johnson

Stephanie O’Hara has been with Carlisle for 18 months. During that time, she has become a very good Customer Service Representative (CSR). Stephanie cares and gives 100% to our clients. Clients are her #1 priority and it shows everyday in the way she handles her job.

An email was received in HelpSpot from one of our newest clients with a request to enroll an injured worker and reach out to assist with medications.

This was the first interaction with Carlisle for our new client. Stephanie was quick to enroll, call the injured worker, and assist him. Stephanie assured our new client that everything was taken care of in which the client responded, “Oh my goodness. I am loving this already. This is AWESOME!”.

This is the kind of reaction Carlisle loves to get to from our clients, both new and old.

To find out more information about the Excellence in Caring Award program or how to nominate an employee, please click the link below.

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