Amber Stockman Named Winner of the 2013 Carlisle Scholarship

Released: 05/01/2013   By: Tracie Faessel, Executive Assistant

In November, Carlisle Medical announced its intention to award a five-thousand dollar scholarship for the support of an individual seeking a college education. Eligible recipients included employees of businesses engaged in the worker’s compensation healthcare industry, their children, grandchildren, and other dependents. News of the scholarship was spread through flyers made available at regional and national conferences, notices in industry newsletters, and direct email. The three month application period brought responses from applicants in sixteen states located in every region of the country. Those applications were referred to an independent scholarship committee comprised of industry leaders tasked with the responsibility of sorting through the material and determining the winner.

Ms. Amber Stockman is the first recipient of the Carlisle Scholarship. Amber is a senior at Prattville High School in Prattville, Alabama. Ms. Stockman plans to attend the University of Alabama in the fall and pursue a career in Elementary Education. Amber is the daughter of Mike and Kathleen Stockman. Kathleen Stockman is employed with Employer’s Claim Management in Montgomery, Alabama.

“Our company slogan is Making A Difference. I wanted to make a difference in the lives of the people who help us do what we do,” Donnie Carlisle explained. With Carlisle, making a difference isn’t merely a motto. It’s a way of life. “I’ve enjoyed giving to others from a very young age,” Donnie Carlisle explained. “I think I got that from my father.” One of the people Donnie’s father helped the most was Donnie himself. “I was the first person in my family to earn a college degree and I hope this scholarship can make a difference in someone else’s life, too.”

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