Tennessee Pharmacy Schedule Guidelines – Repackaged or Compounded Products

Released: 09/20/2011   By: Allen McLean, VP

The following change has been made to the Tennessee Pharmacy Schedule Guidelines:
Rule 0800-02-18-12 Pharmacy Schedule Guidelines, section (1) is amended by adding a new subsection (h) at the end, which should read as follows:
(h) Repackaged or Compounded Products
All pharmaceutical bills submitted for repackaged or compounded products must include the NDC Number of the original manufacturer or distributor’s stock package used in the repackaging or compounding process. The reimbursement allowed shall be based on the current published manufacturer’s AWP or GEAP of the product as of the date of dispensing, rather than the repackaged or compounded NDC number.

Related Link: http://www.tn.gov/sos/rules_filings/08-11-11.pdf