From The Desk of Allen McLean, Vice-President, Carlisle Medical

Released: 05/29/2007  

Congratulations to all our staff for making Carlisle’s past 27 years so successful! Please join me in extending my thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Carlisle for their leadership and direction over the years. I know we will all continue to strive for continued excellence in assisting our clients with the best possible service as our company continues to grow.

I hope everyone enjoyed our “Spring Fling” recently on May 9, 2007. We want to give a special “shout out” to Mr. Carlisle for his excellent cooking abilities as well as all of those people who provided the accompanying side dishes and desserts. Thank you to all those who worked so hard to get everything set up in time for lunch without disturbing regular business activities.

The new pharmacy is quickly becoming a reality – we hope to have some pictures posted shortly to show the rapid progress in construction and show the public our continued growth.

We want to acknowledge our excellent sales executives this month – Adam Sporna has been with Carlisle for four years this month. John Shippen and Lisa Oberfeld have been with the company for three years this month. A big “Thank You” for all the good work!