Carlisle Medical Celebrates 27 Years In The Worker’s Compensation Industry

Released: 05/15/2007  

Carlisle Medical is celebrating 27 years as a leader in the Worker’s Compensation industry. Based in Mobile, Alabama, we currently provide prescriptions and durable medical equipment to injured workers throughout the United States, while significantly lowering costs, to over 150 employers in the manufacturing, transportation, maritime, construction and automotive industries. Our pharmacy management program allows immediate access to prescriptions, equipment and supplies to the injured worker while assuring compliance necessity and relation to the injury. Our sister company, Carlisle & Associates, offers Medical Case Management and Vocational Rehabilitation as well as many other beneficial services related to the worker’s compensation arena. The mission of Carlisle Medical is to provide quality products and superior service and a cost effective partnership with our clients.

We recently spoke with Donnie Carlisle, the founder and president, about the early years of the company. He stated, “I started out in a single room office typing my own letters with an old Royal typewriter. I had a single line telephone which I hated to use because I was afraid I would miss a call.” Gradually the company grew and now, 27 years later, there are 80+ employees working to provide the best service for our clients needs. We continue to expand our company’s services throughout the United States. And we’re looking forward to the completion of our new 8,300 square foot pharmacy, currently under construction. Please visit our websites at and for additional information and updates.